Countdown to June 24th 2006 :D
Published on March 8, 2006 By Keo Lin In Vacations
In less then 4 months I will be at this time, waiting in an airport to catch my flight to Amsterdam!! I am very excited about this!! I have started to make my plans for what to do once I am there. My excitedness has rubbed off on my uni work and I am so excited about travelling that I am highly motivated with my uni work!!

Now as some of you know me, I am also wanting to take things from you to Varns. I prefer small things such as any letters or photos you would like her to have. They will be personally hand delivered So please feel welcome to trust me with those special things. I plan to take them as my hand luggage.

My life really has been planning the holiday, working on my uni course and working. I recently moved areas again. I am in a unit with more women. It's an interesting ward as I don't really know what to talk to them about. I have always had trouble talking to other girls as they talk about things I don't know about or haven't been interested in so I don't know what to talk about. The chaps spend most of their time in their rooms. It's not bad, just an interesting ward.

How have you been?

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